September 2022 Tulip Tops Gardens, Sutton, NSW

Every September, the flower festivals in Canberra and surrounding areas herald the end of winter and a return to the lightness and warmer days that spring brings, before the onslaught of heat, thunderstorms and the ever present possibility of bushfires of summer.

A visit to Tulip Tops Gardens, 25 minutes away along the highway, is always welcome after winter. This winter has been a particularly long, cold wet one, and coupled with being closed the last two winters due to the pandemic, this year’s visit seemed particularly necessary.

The Gardens aren’t just a riot of colour – they beckon all the senses, with classical music piped through speakers hidden amongst the trees and the subtle perfume of thousands and thousands of blooms wafting in the always present icy breeze that reminds us that winter has not quite turned the corner yet.